The first-generation (1967-1969) Z/28 Camaro is regarded by many 1960's General Motors muscle car enthusiasts as one of the finest limited-production high-performance cars every built in that era. Many first-generation Camaro experts also feel that the 1968 Z/28 may have been the best production year of the first-generation Z/28's, yet arguably the most under-appreciated.

This site is dedicated solely to the 1968 Z/28. Our goal is to educate, promote, and help others better understand this car and it's numerous qualities. The core of the site is the 1968 Z/28 National Registry. The objective of this registry is to document all known 1968 Z/28s still in existence (there was originally 7,199 built), even if they are not drive-able anymore. This information in turn will help all interested parties to better grasp every facet of the cars, whether it is drive train combinations, interior/exterior colors, as well as all available options offered.

If you have a 1968 Z/28 or know of others who possess one, please contribute your car's information and appropriate support documentation. Only with the help of all 1968 Z/28 owners will this registry be a success and the cars brought to their deserved prominence.

As the registry grows, we expect the information to help muscle car enthusiasts to more fully appreciate the 1968 Z/28 as one of the purist production based high performance cars of the 20th century. Please contribute any ideas on how we can better this site. All ideas are very much appreciated and will receive proper consideration. Thank you for your support.


Larry Eakin
1968 Z/28 owner and devotee